Glasgow six-piece Pelts have a dreampop vibe with brooding undertones. An intriguing male/female vocal dynamic with a rich texture of instrumentation (guitar, keys, drums and bass), the band belong in a similar soundscape to The National, Daughter and Belle & Sebastian.

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“deliriously quirky … welds the best bits of Stereolab, Wedding Present, Belle and Sebastian and perhaps even Arab Strap” - The Herald

“a wall of sound to which all the musicians contributed impressively while the contrasting styles of the two vocalists suited perfectly” - The (new) Vinyl Villain

“intriguing, full of floating melodies ... more than enough going on amongst the multi-instrumentation 6-piece to hold anyone’s interest” - Overblown


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Who Could Love Me Now? / Another Place

IFR021, released June 18, 2018

The Tingles / Less Than Three

IFR016, released February 19, 2018

The Severed Sea / Black Feathers

IFR012, released February 5, 2017